It’s been great classes this week, am I right? I’ve been having a such a fun time with you guys and honestly, I was wondering “What more can I offer?”


Well, although getting active is extremely important to getting fit, your day-to-day activities play a HUGE role in shedding those pounds.


Here’s 5 tips to start implementing in addition to the syncd with Kendra classes:



  • Eat more greens!


Your body needs those healthy plants. Not only do they increase your energy during the day and help you sleep better at night, but they boost your metabolism!


  1. Drink more water

All you soda drinkers out there, yes, I’m talking to you. Water is a big part of nearly EVERY job your body has to do. It helps to break down food, keep you hydrated, keep the bloodstream healthy, flush out salt in the body, reduce swelling, and so much more.


  1. Add color

Want to know if you’re getting enough nutrients in your meals? Well, how many colors can you count on your plate? Your plate should be full of hearty veggies and healthy fats!


  1. Don’t eat late at night

Many people don’t realize your body goes to rest the same time you do. So, if you’re hitting up your local Waffle House at 2am and jumping right in the bed afterwards, all of your food will sit there until morning as your body waits for you to get moving so it can start breaking it all down. Too many late night meals can cause your body to start storing that fat in unflattering places. (Hence weight gain)


  1. Eat when you’re hungry, don’t eat if you’re not.

Starving yourself when you’re hungry is not healthy eating. Eating because you’re bored, sad, or stressed isn’t healthy eating. Lastly, continuing to eat after you are clearly full is NOT healthy eating.


Practice stopping when you’re satisfied and saving the rest for later. If you’re hungry, EAT. It doesn’t have to be that cheeseburger or at your closest fried chicken joint, but eating nothing actually causes your body to go into survival mode. It starts to hold on to any fat in the body not knowing when the next set of nutrients will come.

What are some quick tips you are using to give the syncd with Kendra a little boost?? Let me know!