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Smart Home

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Ever dream of having a smart house? Technology is getting awfully close to creating a home that will assist you with every function of your daily life.  While totally “Smart Houses” are not a reality yet, there are a lot of new home technologies and products that are designed to make life easier for you. In the spirit of staying up to date in the constantly updating world, let’s look at 2017’s newest home technology additions.



After the Amazon announcement of Alexa in late 2014, there has been a dramatic increase in the use and evolution of these smart home voice commanding appliances. Google jumped on the bandwagon after Alexa, coming out with Google Home. Products like Apple HomeKit allows you to connect and control devices all around your home through one app. Both of these voice recognition devices allow you to talk to your appliances and have them answer you in real time. As of June 2017, Amazon Alexa/Echo added timers and schedules to their list of capabilities. Alexa is also now able to be connected and control your TVs, AV receivers, and even speakers. As of now, most smart home devices are compatible with both Alexa and Google home, the sky’s the limit for the future.


For all yoga enthusiasts out there, this new update is going to change the way you exercise. The SmartMat detects when your alignment is off and gives feedback to correct your pose, connects to your smart phone, and tracks your advancement and automatically evolves as you get better. It also connects to your phone and provides you with classes that are picked to compliment your level of expertise. Despite being super-high tech, it still looks like a normal yoga mat!



It is 2017 and the lighting game has officially been changed. Lifx Color 1000 has just come out with a light bulb that has a full-color spectrum and you can control it to any hue you want. All controllable through an app, it is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest and other smart home devices.


Thanks to Philips and Caseta you can now control the dimming of your lights through a wireless control. BeOn now has a security focused light bulb that has a built in battery if the power goes out. It also can mimic your lighting patterns for when you are out of town, and turn on when it picks up the sound of your doorbell.



Anyone else constantly afraid that you forgot to lock the door behind you? Fear no more August Smart Lock has got you covered. This smart lock can sense when you are approaching and lock and unlock the door automatically, it can be locked or unlocked from an app on your phone, and it also has a 24/7 tracker to track who is entering or exiting your home. It is also connected with Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, so you can simply just have them lock the door if you don’t want to get up.



It probably isn’t news to you that thermostats are now digital and can be controlled on your phone via an app. In the past few years, smart thermostats have become increasingly popular. However, the Ecobee4 has just come out and washed away the competition completely. This smart thermostat is now voice enabled with Alexa, so you can simply speak to the thermostat and it will change according to your needs. You can now change the temperatures of each individual room, as well as set your temperatures to go on cycles.


You can now control room by room temperature and air purification with Keen and Ecovent.  These are also controlled on your smartphone, cut down your energy usage, and allow you to only condition the rooms that you use.



Surprisingly, there has been a lot of innovation when it comes to outlets. Thanks to iDevices you can now control turning on and off you appliances at a switch of a button. Create a timer to have your coffee already hot in the morning, or have the lamp turn off at 8:00 pm every night. This can all be controlled on an app or voice controlled. Pretty cool for a plug, right?


Brio has also come out with an outlet that is smart enough to only send electric currents if it senses a plug, as opposed to tiny toddler fingers. This outlet will also send your smart phone alerts if there are high levels of CO2, smoke, or flooding.


Home Appliances:

It might just be the fact that my fridge is the center of my family’s universe, but this is by far my favorite new update. Samsung has created a smart fridge that allows you to create grocery lists and schedules, connect to music, and view all of this from your smart phone. Did you forget to make a grocery list? No worries, this new smart fridge has a camera on the inside and allows you to see what is in your fridge at anytime anywhere.  This is my kind of fridge.


There are also updates for your mean-lean-cleaning machines. For starters, LG has come out with a dual washing machine that allows you to do a large load but has a compartment underneath for you to simultaneously do a small load. Lastly, we all know those robotic vacuums that, although they are very helpful, will just bump around the room until it turns around and bumps into another wall. The Neato Botvac now scans the room and methodically cleans according to the layout of your room. With a 50% larger brush, you can now schedule cleaning times for your automated vacuum.

Before you go and fill your home with all of the new smart home appliances, let us help you find your dream home. Start your search.