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Mercedez Benz Anyone

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It was a long, cold winter for Atlanta sports fans after the Falcons’ heartbreaking 34-28 loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. I know, I know, we don’t need a reminder, thanks. But the seasons have changed and there is an electricity in the air revolving Atlanta’s sports game. The city and its fans are ready to rise up from the ashes once again. What better way to do that than with a brand new, 1.6 billion dollar stadium?

Atlanta’s recently opened Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the first of its kind, topping charts and setting records worldwide. ATL sports fans couldn’t be more excited for this fresh start, hoping it will be the missing link on the road to collecting championships. A little doubtful about what a win this stadium is, are you? No worries, come one, come all–I’m here to tell you the top 3 reasons Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium deserves a trophy:

Geeeetchhhaaaa Hot Dog

Don’t fret, you don’t have to pack a PB&J to afford a game in Mercedes-Benz. Unlike the continually rising price of this shiny, new stadium, concession prices have actually gone down. No, seriously. Picture this: $2 hotdogs, $2 sodas (unlimited refills) and $5 draft beer. I know.

Skeptical? Rich McKay, CEO of the Atlanta Falcons, said NFL tickets are expensive enough, “we didn’t model [new concession prices] with any angle…fans deserve this.” After looking at fans’ responses to surveys, developers noticed that the response to concessions was always low. Poor quality, poor value, high prices. Well ATLiens, the man has heard you! Get your stadium classics for touchdown prices. Keep your eyes open for new stadium eats too, featuring: a brisket grilled cheese, burnt-end nachos, hand-breaded free-range chicken sandwiches and a portobello mushroom burger. All of these unlikely sports-game specialties range in price from $7-$11. With these prices, go ahead! Invite your whole family…because you actually can now!

2. Don’t Rain on My Parade

Thanks to Stadium’s infamous roof (yes, the one that pushed back the opening date a whole month), weather won’t be getting in the way of rooting on your team. Actually, the roof will only make your experience in Mercedes-Benz a whole lot better. Made up of 4,000 tons, the roof’s eight retractable petals will move independently on rails, giving off the illusion that the roof rotates open. Once completely functional, the roof should open and close in approximately 12 minutes (all controlled by the push of one button). So feel free to leave your poncho at home, the roof has got you covered!

Depending on the occasion taking place, Each petal of this engineering masterpiece can be lit a different color. What about red? Go ATL! And if open air wasn’t enough, don’t forget about the Window to the City: the stadium’s floor-to-ceiling window that allows fans a magnificent view of the Atlanta Skyline. Get ready for this new perspective to flood your insta. No shame, I’ll be snapping pics too. Who’s ready for August 26th?! Every ATLien! … But not the roof. Unfortunately the Mercedes Benz roof will not be operational for the first two events in Mercedes-Benz, but determined stadium officials promise open air this fall. All good things are worth the wait, right?

But don’t let this put a damper on your game day, the stadium still has a lot of show stopping to do. Like the 360-degree video board suspended right below the roof’s opening. It is the largest video board in the world, coming in at 64,000 square feet. Y’all this is big. Literally. Because it wraps completely around the stadium, it means there’s not a bad seat in the house. And there are 71,000 seats in this place. Give those developers a round of applause. Or wait and see, but trust me, you’ll want to. And if this video board wasn’t enough, Mercedes Benz even has what they’ve dubbed “The Megacolumn.” This monstrosity is a 100-foot column, wrapped in a 3-dimensional video board. This will act as the largest scoreboard in the NFL, four times any other scoreboard to date. So get ready to see your team rack up the points in Mercedes Benz, you won’t be able to miss it. I mean, it’ll be on every screen.

3. Go Team!

Say see ya later to the Georgia Dome and thank you very much to Bobby-Dodd Stadium. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be the official home to the Atlanta Falcons football and Atlanta United Soccer team. Both teams will get full tours the day before their first game in their new home. Talk about sink or swim. Hopefully they like it (they will)! And you will too. With all the perks (including a full merchandise store for both teams), It’ll be easy to cheer on your team here.

So say “Home Sweet Home!” to the Mercedes Benz Stadium, opening August 26th at 7:00 PM for the Pre-Season NFL Game: Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals.

For tickets and events at Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium, click here. If you want to become an ATLien, join our fan base and let Kendra Mitchell find you your new Home Sweet Home.